Almost forgotten Anime: Monster Rancher

Another Anime based on a videogame? That’s right! Oldschool otakus may remember, but for those of you have never experienced the beauty of growing up in the 90’s or earlier, let us fresh up your knowledge on this one.

First aired in 1999, which is basically one of anime’s greates years, our boy Genki Sakura were given a special CD (I don’t really need to explain what this is, do I ?!) which gives him the ability to unlock a mystic monster on the Monster Rancher video game. He received this prize after winning the Monster Rancher tournament, hosted by the game creators. Back at home, he were actually sucked in the game. Japan style, you know what it is. He meets a girl, Holly, who owns a stone disk with a legendary Phoenix in it. (Daf*q) This dude is able to save the world from Moo. What a name for an enemie. Our protagonist Genki tries to release the special monster, all he gets is Mochi. *Sniff Sniff* Do you smell the Ash-Pikachu story on this one? So they meet new friends, a bunch of enemies and other sh*t while searching fot the Phoenix’ stone disk, to, well, watch if yourself:

Crazy, huh?


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