Nintendo: Legend of Zelda for smartphones supposedly in work

As the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, Nintendo is planning a smartphone game implementation of its popular series The Legend of Zelda.

After Nintendo has built up a presence for consoles over the years, now Smartphone Games are to follow. Nintendo has already released Miitomo, Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run for Smartphones in cooperation with DeNa Co. Ltd. And also announced plans for a mobile version of Animal Crossing, whose release was most likely scheduled for the second half of the year – official representatives of Nintendo and DeNa did not want to comment on the Wall Street Journal.

What the Zelda game for the smartphone will cost is also uncertain. For the mobile version of Super Mario Run, fans have to leaf around the $ 10, with the possibility to buy in-game items. The game is also available here for Android and iOS.

Nintendos President Tatsumi Kimishima explained that Nintendo is planning to boost its lineup for mobile games, which should make future buyers also Nintendo’s hardware attractive. The game Pokémon GO developed by Nintendo’s sister company Pokémon Co. had a huge success last summer, and since Nintendo owns a 32% share of Pokémon Co., Nintendo earned a ton of 20 billion yen in the last business year.

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