Re: member – Horror manga is implemented as a web anime

On the “Shonen Jump +” website of Shueisha as well as in the related app, it was now revealed that the horror manga “Karada Sagashi” (German title: re: member) by Welzard and illustrator Katsutoshi Murase is implemented as a web anime. This is supposed to be available in the summer in the Tate Anime app of Production I.G.

The Tate Anime app is currently not yet available. Originally scheduled for launch in April, the launch of the app according to its website will take place in May or later.

The author and illustrator started the manga together in September 2014. This is based on Welzard’s mobile phone Novel, which the author started in 2013. On May 2, 2017, Shueisha publishes the 13th anthology in Japan. With us in Germany the manga is published under the name “re: member” by Egmont Manga. The fourth volume appeared on April 6, 2017.

Plot: In re: member, everything revolves around the creepy “Red Girl”, which in the evening sneaks the last student at school. If you are approached by him, you should immediately leave the school and do not turn around! If you do it, a terrible fate comes along … Haruka has just happened, and now it’s up to her classmates to look for her body parts night by night in a kind of dream dimension.

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