Start date of »Re: CREATORS« announced

On the website of the “Re: CREATORS” -Animes today the start date of the new series was announced. So the series will be aired on April 8, 2017 on Japanese television.

“Re: CREATORS” is an original production by the mango Rei Hiroe (“Blue Lagoon”). As a director, Ei Aoki (“Fate / Zero”) is active. Hiroe and Aoki write the series and the animation studio TROYCA (“Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation”). The character designs are by Ryuichi Makino (“Girls Bravo”).

At the center of the anime are stories. Since the beginning of time, people have been telling stories that are deeply touching and fascinating. But this is just the viewpoint of the outsiders. What about those characters who experience the stories we tell? Do they see us as gods? In “Re: Creators”, everyone becomes a “creator” and the characters rebel against the gods.


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